Consumer Portfolio Services Improve Sale Odds and Gets More Cars in More Hands

How can dealers and representatives improve sales numbers? The answers may rest in consumer reports and resources. Dealers know the importance of integrating top resources to assist clients in their financing and to provide the most accurate numbers. If dealers down the street are implementing superior strategies, a dealership will feel the noose tightening around their sales.

Consumer Portfolio Services will assess larger realities in the industry and apply these consumer reports to offer better deals with improved rates. Consumer reports assess many factors in the industry to allow dealers to have some serious negotiating power. These include some of the below considerations in reporting, such as bankruptcy terms, service contacts, and gap coverage.

Bankruptcy Terms

In post-recession America, the bankruptcy law has been readjusted. The changes have been applied in the auto industry and financing to account for more customers coming in with bankruptcies. These consumer terms change how dealers can negotiate terms. This includes allowing for much more favorable terms for a discharged bankruptcy. Customers can get serious savings if their bankruptcy was omitted. There are even special terms that can be applied for bankrupt customers. Bankruptcy is not what it was even a decade ago, and that has been applied in consumer reports.

Boosting Service Contracts

Services have become a competitive area of negotiation. But, who pays for the service contracts? Someone fronts the costs, and who cuts in for service will impact negotiating range. Consumer reports can actually offer contract services that extend for years, allowing dealers to negotiate better deals with a little extra in their pocket.

GAP Agreements

It may be the integration of gap insurance, for free, that seals the deal. Consumer reports can often allow dealers to add no-cost gap coverage for the life of the loan. The costs of gap insurance can exceed $4,500 or more on the loan, so this a staggering competitive offer.

Consumer reports help place negotiating power back where it belongs. It allows sales professionals to sugar the deal without having weighty costs applied to the dealership. Contact a representative today to get a full run of the portfolio and what it includes in a long-term package.